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Savvy Brands Are Using Apps Instead of Ads to Get Messages Across

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Innovative companies are increasingly reaching out to their customers with the help of useful apps. The idea is to use apps to convey brand messages while offering a service, instead of relying on conventional advertising. Here are some examples.

1. Audi helps you save energy

Audi, for instance, has invented the Start Stop app, which notifies the user which apps could be closed to save power. Just like the new feature in their cars, which powers down the motor when idle, the app promotes a company with an energy efficient outlook.

2. Ikea makes furnishing easier

Ikea is giving their catalog a major upgrade with an app that allows you to superimpose 3D-images of their furniture wherever you like. Matching and measuring never was easier.

3. Nike makes running more fun

The Nike+ app has been around since 2006, and has changed the (branded) way of running like no other, allowing you to compete over social networks, among many other things. Its newest installment, Nike+ Move, makes use of iPhone 5S’s motion coprocessor to turn the phone into an accelerometer, rendering equipment such as Nike FuelBand virtually redundant.

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