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April 22, 2014 11:50 AM EDT

If you’re a poet and you know it, then there may be a job for you at a Minnesota ice scream shop.

Izzy’s Ice Cream Café in St. Paul is requiring job applicants to write a haiku if they want to be considered for a position this summer, the Star-Tribune reports. They can also write any other kind of short poem or submit either a “visual collage” or a “sound/music clip” that they made, according to the website for the listing.

It might be the most millennial job application ever, but employers have asked job seekers far stranger things. Every year, the career website Glassdoor produces an annual list of oddball interview questions from “If you were a pizza deliveryman how would you benefit from scissors?” to “Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?” The questions make writing a poem seem like a breeze.

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