Magic Pillow Nudges You Awake When You Snore

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I say “you” in the headline, but you and I both know that we’re talking about your spouse here. You don’t have a snoring problem just like I don’t have a snoring problem. My wife claims I snore when I drink at least three beers (or a bowl of bourbon) before I hit the pillow, but I’ve never heard myself snore, so I can only assume it’s not true.

For those of you who do snore, this $150 pillow has a built-in microphone that can hear you snoring, at which point a built-in air bladder inflates to levitate your head enough to get you to quiet back down.

Here’s a more detailed product description, per the product page on Hammacher Schlemmer’s site:

The pillow’s integrated microphone picks up the sonic vibrations of snoring, automatically inflating an internal air bladder that increases the pillow’s depth by 3″—just enough movement to roust a sleeper into moving head or body position. With a 30-minute delay setting that allows one to fall asleep without triggering inflation, the microphone’s sensitivity can be adjusted for light or heavy snoring (can also be turned off) and the bladder can be manually inflated to any desired thickness between 4″-7″; automatically deflates back to original thickness.

You may recall this also-magic $8,500 bed I wrote about earlier in the year. It, too, has a spousal snoring deterrent feature, though it has to be manually initiated. This pillow costs less and promises to handle the snoring automatically. As long as you’re buying $150 pillows, though, you might as well spring for the $8,500 bed while you’re at it.

The Snore Activated Nudging Pillow [Hammacher Schlemmer via OhGizmo!]

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