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I say “you” in the headline, but you and I both know that we’re talking about your spouse here. You don’t have a snoring problem just like I don’t have a snoring problem. My wife claims I snore when I drink at least three beers (or a bowl of bourbon) before I hit the pillow, but I’ve never heard myself snore, so I can only assume it’s not true.

For those of you who do snore, this $150 pillow has a built-in microphone that can hear you snoring, at which point a built-in air bladder inflates to levitate your head enough to get you to quiet back down.

Here’s a more detailed product description, per the product page on Hammacher Schlemmer’s site:

You may recall this also-magic $8,500 bed I wrote about earlier in the year. It, too, has a spousal snoring deterrent feature, though it has to be manually initiated. This pillow costs less and promises to handle the snoring automatically. As long as you’re buying $150 pillows, though, you might as well spring for the $8,500 bed while you’re at it.

The Snore Activated Nudging Pillow [Hammacher Schlemmer via OhGizmo!]

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