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WATCH: America’s Most Gullible Women Compete to Marry “Prince Harry”

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Fox just released the trailer for its latest epic prank reality show I Wanna Marry Harry, which is about a bunch of women who think they’re going to marry Prince Harry and more importantly, become Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law. Unless they’re in on the joke. (Please let them be in on the joke.)

Now, for the conceit of the show to be real — to be crystal clear, it ISN’T — there would have been a royal conversation that might have gone something like this:

Her Majesty the Queen: Harry, it is high time to find you a suitable bride for the good of the realm.

Prince Harry: C’mon, Grandma!

(Harry blushes, which is extra visible because of his adorable ginger complexion.)

Her Majesty: Cressida Bonas is far from appropriate. Burning Man is no place for the future mother of the future King George’s cousin.

Harry: But I just gave her swipe access to the palace!

Her Majesty: There’s only one thing left to do. We’ll go to America, hold auditions for the best looking and most delusional women in the colonies and then videotape them as they claw each other’s eyes when presented with a totally unrealistic offer to join the British royal family.

Harry: Brilliant. Shall we invite Snooki?

Her Majesty: It’s the only way to find someone dignified. We don’t want to end up with riffraff like Kate again.

What could be better than watching women believe outrageous lies in the name of finding love? Oh, and money, and a crown, and a big wedding, and fancy jewelry that belonged to Princess Diana. It’s genius, because gullible women trying to get a ring on their finger is practically uncharted territory in modern reality television!

I Want to Marry “Harry” premieres on Fox on May 27.


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