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Here Are 5 Flappy Bird Alternatives So You Can Continue Wasting All Your Time

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This past weekend, the creator of soaringly popular mobile game Flappy Bird announced that he was removing it from the app store. This abrupt decision seemed to set the entire Internet ablaze, prompting many fans to threaten to either kill the creator, Dong Nguyen, or themselves. Others are now bidding large sums of money to get their hands on devices that already have the game installed.

But really, everyone should just calm down, because there are plenty of other games out there to keep you idly tapping away at your phone for hours. Here are five solid alternatives.

If you want something just like Flappy Bird…

Ironpants. This is essentially the exact same thing as Flappy Bird, but instead of guiding a little bird through sets of pipes, you’re guiding a little superhero through sets of boxes. But the physics, mechanics and overall aesthetic are pretty much equal. (Available for iOS and Android)

If you want something that’s nothing like Flappy Bird…

Ruzzle. This is a fast-paced version of Boggle that’s been around for two years but has gained most of its popularity in the past few months. Each round comes with a two-minute time limit, and you can challenge either your friends or, if you don’t have any friends, you can play against strangers. (Available for iOS and Android)

If you want something that requires thinking…

QuizUp. Instead of giving your fingers a workout (you know, from all the swiping and tapping), try giving your brain a workout with this popular trivia app. You can challenge opponents in topics ranging from brand logos to chemistry to Mean Girls. (Available for iOS; Android version coming soon)

If you want something that requires no thinking…

Pocket Frogs. If you’ve ever dreamt of breeding and selling frogs, this game is for you. And if you haven’t ever dreamt of that, but you have dreamt of a mindless game with plenty of pretty colors, this is still for you. (Available for iOS and Android)

If you want something visually beautiful…

Badland. Like Flappy Bird, this is a side-scrolling game with just one control. But unlike Flappy Bird, Badland places you in a visually stunning world — a complex, colorful rainforest. Also unlike Flappy Bird, it is not free, but this one seems like it’s worth the purchase. (Available for iOS and Android)

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