Swifties Are Studying Up on Football After Taylor Swift Went to the Chiefs Game

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For people who have never watched football before, the rules admittedly can be a little confusing. But today, a whole new population of prospective fans are asking the necessary questions in order to get a handle on the sport. Sunday night, Swifties decided it was time to figure out how the game works after spotting Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs game. Swift was watching in tight end Travis Kelce’s family box, alongside his mother, following recent reports of the pair spending time together. On X, Swifties started helping each other understand how the game is played for future reference, in case Swift starts attending more regularly between her Eras Tour dates and her fans, in turn, start following along to catch a glimpse of the pop star.

One Swiftie uploaded a post that broke the game into the simplest possible terms. Many of the replies were from confused Swifties asking questions about the sport. “Okay, so what’s a down?” one person asked. Users asked questions like, “What’s a field goal” and “Do you throw the ball or run with it?”

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The original poster added a comment to the thread: "I regret to inform everyone who is giggling at this that we have been made to watch football for Taylor like 4 times this year, and I tweet this every time.” They also clarified that, “We are simply watching for Taylor Swift’s lil reactions. No one who doesn’t plan on watching regularly needed to know any of that other stuff.”

Fans are also calling this new period in her romantic history the “American Revolution” because the last person Swift was allegedly romantically involved with was The 1975’s Matty Healy. Healy is from the U.K., whereas Kelce was born and raised in Ohio. “No more ugly British men… Truly, this is the American Revolution.”

Other Swifties are questioning their relationship to the sport now that Swift might be attending more games. “Do I, a Taylor Swift fan, have to care about football now?” one person posted on X. Someone else seemingly coined the hashtag #FootballTaylorsVersion, in reference to the singer-songwriter’s project of rerecording her old albums to regain the master rights, and calling them all “Taylor’s Version.”

In July, the Chiefs tight end said on his podcast that he had attempted to give Swift his phone number on a friendship bracelet (a common accessory brought to her Eras Tour shows) but wasn’t able to. The Messenger reported earlier in September that the two were seen “hanging out” and when Kelce appeared on The Pat McAfee Show podcast, he invited Swift to come watch one of his games. According to PEOPLE, a source said that she is “very focused on work right now and hanging out with her girlfriends.” (She does, after all, have more than 80 shows around the world on a tour that is slated to run through November of 2024.) However, the source says, “Travis invited her to the game, and of course she said 'yes.’ She thought it was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday.”

There hadn’t been public confirmation of the maybe-possibly budding romance before Swift was seen cheering on the Chiefs with Kelce’s mother. After the game, Swift and Kelce were seen leaving the stadium together in a video posted to X.

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