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Every Single Barbie Partnership That We Could Find

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Your social media feed has probably seemed a lot pinker lately than normal. That’s exactly what Mattel and Warner Bros. intended. Ahead of Barbie’s release on July 21, anticipation for the film—and the ongoing Barbiecore trend—has reached a fever pitch. Even brands that don’t have an official collaboration with the movie are subtly rolling out lines of pink yoga gear or rose-colored travel bags. But, as a Mattel executive reminded me in an interview for TIME’s cover story on Barbie, Barbiecore “didn’t just happen.”

The studio and the toy company have partnered with a dizzying number of clothing brands, haircare companies, and even pool float businesses to stamp Barbie’s favorite color on their products. The Copyright Office in the Library of Congress has registered more than 2,000 Barbie-related works including dolls, games, and songs for the movie, according to public records.

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There’s even a number of edible collabs, which means folks are going to spend a shocking—and perhaps not medically advisable—amount of time eating pink food this summer. The Barbie marketing campaign is inescapable and, like the aesthetic of the film, hyper feminine. The source ofour current obsession with all things girly is up for debate. Is it some sort of anti-feminist backlash to the recent gender neutral trends? Or did Barbie simply give us permission to finally guiltlessly celebrate all things femme—and that in itself is an exercise in the freedom of feminism? Or are we simply the pawns of a capitalist force that decided this was the summer of pink products?

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The best way to distract yourself from trying to answer those thorny questions is to start choosing your favorite bright and bedazzled options. Here’s just some of the many collaborations Barbie has made with various brands and a bit of commentary on how these products may or may not usher joy into our daily lives.


Swoon pink lemonade

Anything that has pink in the name, including pink lemonade, is bound to have a Barbie stamp this summer.

Pinkberry frozen yogurt

Again, pink was in the name. This frozen yogurt partnership just makes sense.

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream

OK, we have to draw the line somewhere. Two ice cream (or ice cream-related product) collaborations? That seems excessive.

Pasta G. Di Martino pennette rigate

I’m not sure of Barbie’s stance on carbs these days, but this somewhat puzzling pasta collaboration seems to suggest she’s pro.

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Burger King pink burger

Some things are not meant to be pink. The inside of a medium-rare burger? Sure. But the special sauce that tops that burger? Absolutely not. And yet Burger King has devised some sort bright pink condiment for this rollout in Brazil.

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Pac Sun, Boohoo, Forever 21, and Hot Topic fast fashion

Fast fashion brands aimed at a younger audience are embracing Barbiecore.

Bloomingdale’s clothes

The department store’s in-house brand Aqua has a collaboration inspired by the movie. I’m conflicted about separating it from the fast fashion category because let’s be real: How long are you going to wear these Barbie clothes? Until Halloween? Until the Barbie sequel (which, yes, the folks at Mattel told me they are already discussing)? But these clothes are more expensive and, in theory, longer lasting.

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Gap clothes

Technically, Barbie has an ongoing collaboration with Gap. It’s just that things are really ramping up ahead of the film. When I visited the Mattel headquarters to report TIME’s recent Barbie cover story, everyone was abuzz about how the pink denim jackets at Gap had sold out months before the movie’s release date.

Show Me Your Mumu swimsuit and clothes

Spoiler alert: pool floats will show up later on this list. For the ideal Instagram picture, you will want to be wearing a pink bathing suit with the Barbie logo on it while sitting atop Barbie’s speedboat float.

Superga, Aldo, and Crocs shoes

Barbie loves shoes. We know this. So it’s not particularly shocking that you can now buy all kinds of Barbie shoes, from stilettos to sneakers to, yes, Crocs with their own special Jibbitz to stick into the holes. Personally, I’m still waiting for the Barbie Birkenstock collab after those shoes were heavily featured in a trailer for the film.

Impala skates

Remember when paparazzi photos of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in neon spandex and electric yellow skates on the set of Barbie nearly broke the internet last summer? You can now buy said skates.

MeUndies undies and Barefoot Dreams pajamas

Barbie may not wear underwear—an unsettling fact I never really thought about until now—but her human fans can order bikinis, briefs, and bras with her logo emblazoned upon them. Add PJs for comfort.

Posh Peanut baby clothes

If you are looking to aggressively buck the gender neutral trend in baby clothes that has resulted in a lot of beige nurseries lately, allow me to present to you with the pinkest set of onesies I’ve ever seen.

Spirit Halloween costumes

It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween costume. But will you choose cowboy Barbie or rollerskate Barbie?


Chi and Mermade hot tools and Tangle Teezer hairbrush

Look, I get that Barbie probably spends a lot of time on her hair. It always looks flawless—until a little kid finds the scissors, of course. But Barbie has two different collaborations with two different companies making hot tools. Plus a hairbrush partnership to boot.

Kitsch and Hally hair accessories

Why spend all that time straightening or curling your hair if you’re not going to adorn it with a pink hair clip or scrunchie?

Fossil watches and jewelry

Accessories are kind of Barbie’s whole thing. Even Ken is an accessory.

Alex and Ani and Kendra Scott jewelry

Barbie charms on these bracelets include both high heels and the roller skates. They’re really betting on those roller skates becoming a thing.

Barbie Loungefly backpack

I have a lot of questions about the design of this backpack. Is this Barbie’s official crest? Is that a thing? It also features two flamingos. Incredibly observant moviegoers will notice there are pink flamingos all over Barbie Land, but this is also a movie with several musical numbers, a chase scene, and odes to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Grease, and Singin’ in the Rain. So the flamingos are probably the 107th thing you notice onscreen. Anyway, here they are on a backpack.

Moon toothbrushes

In an early scene in the movie, Barbie does brush her teeth while getting ready in the morning. But she only does so after her world starts deteriorating and she gets bad breath—along with flat feet and cellulite—for the first time ever in her perfect life. So I guess that’s where this electric toothbrush collaboration came from—a reckoning with imperfection and mortality?

OPI nail polish

Guess what color the nail polish is.

Nyx makeup and Truly skincare products

I met Margot Robbie during the reporting of this Barbie cover story for TIME, and no amount of makeup or skincare products are going to make you look quite like her version of Barbie. There’s even a joke in the movie about how it’s unrealistic to suggest Margot Robbie’s Barbie could ever actually feel insecure because she’s so beautiful. But I support your self-care choices nonetheless.

Interior Design

Joybird couches

Fun fact: The furniture featured in Barbie’s Dreamhouse in the film is all midcentury modern because Barbie made her debut in 1959. Relatedly, here are some brightly colored couches.

Dragon glassware

Glasses to sip cosmos from on your Barbie couch, obviously.

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Ruggable rugs

If you’re going to buy a Barbie rug, you should probably commit and buy the pink one. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Homesick Dreamhouse candles

I’m not sure what Barbie’s Dreamhouse is supposed to smell like, besides plastic, but this candle will probably smell good because everything in Barbie Land is flawless.

A random collection of other fun stuff

Funboy pool floats

If I were charged with planning a friend’s bachelorette party this summer, these pool floats would be my first order.

Beis luggage

If, like Barbie, you plan to journey from idyllic Barbie Land to the Real World via speedboat, sled, and spaceship, make sure to pack your chic pink bags.

Barbie Dreamhouse Xbox

Look, I’m a gamer and also a woman. So I guess, in theory, this very girly Barbie Dreamhouse Xbox is marketed directly to me. But I admit I remain confused by this particular team-up. It would make a little more sense if there was maybe a Barbie Dreamhouse game like The Sims or something? Though Barbie’s car is, apparently, in the new Forza Horizon 5. That’s something.

Uno cards

This is what Jack Donaghy would have called “vertical integration.” Mattel owns both Uno and Barbie, so of course there are Uno cards with the Barbie characters emblazoned upon them.

Canada Pooch dog clothing

I mean obviously Barbie dog clothes exists, but good luck wrestling a denim vest onto your pup. I’d play it safe and go with the bandana.


Doctor Who crossover

Is this pink TARDIS real? It was tweeted from the official Doctor Who account and the new Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa, is in the Barbie movie. So I’m going to assume it’s real. I would love more of the Barbie actors to bring the Barbie aesthetic to their future projects. I’m thinking Simu Liu fights teams up with a pink Hulk in the sequel to Shang-Chi or maybe John Cena spray paints all the cars pink in the next Fast and Furious movie.

AirBnB Malibu Dreamhouse

Again, if you are tasked with hosting a bachelorette party this summer, your job just became really easy with this AirBnB on the market. Come for the Dreamhouse, stay for the Kenergy in his manly saloon.

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Barbie Malibu Cafe

There’s a lot of great stories in which various food writers and culture bloggers visit this Mattel pop-up cafe and writing about the quality of its food.

Barbie and Ken on Bumble

Barbie and Ken are now apparently helping you date now on Bumble. This seems a wild concept considering that Barbie and Ken don’t exactly have a…productive relationship. As you may have gathered from the trailers for the film, Barbie does not kiss Ken when he proffers his lips, and neither of them know exactly what you’re supposed to do during a sleepover. But, sure, let these dolls without genitals help you find your soulmate!

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