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Jogger Wipes Out In Snow After Giving Interview About Joys Of Jogging In Snow

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Like much of the country, Portland, Ore., has been hit with a massive snow storm. Unlike much of the country, in Portland, snow is a rare occurrence for the city and its residents are still entranced by the Christmas card appeal of a snow-covered street. Their wide-eyed innocence to the truly insidious nature of snow even leads some of them to entertain the notion of jogging. Outdoors. In winter.

A pair of runners in expensive-looking tracksuits were interviewed by local news reporters as they jogged along a snow-blanketed street. “It’s the perfect texture for running,” noted the woman. “Very low impact, and it’s dry so your feet don’t get wet.”

As the joggers head off on their healthy, exercising way, in an irony custom-made for the Internet (or French comedies), the woman wiped out in the snow immediately after blissfully extolling its virtues.

If you feel bad about laughing at her, don’t worry. According to an interview with the woman in Deadspin, her parents are making fun of her, too.

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