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TIME101 Honoree Nancy Rosado-Santiago Leads with Love

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“I am that person who will look at, if there’s one part that’s good, I will see that part. That’s the part that I look at. That’s the part that I see.”

—Nancy Rosado-Santiago

Every year, TIME highlights the 100 most influential people. This year we are also celebrating an individual who leads with love. TIME101, in partnership with P&G, honors Nancy Rosado-Santiago.

Nancy was born in Ecuador and grew up in the South Bronx. As a child, she was taught the importance of volunteer work by her parents, who never missed an opportunity to help out in their predominantly Hispanic community.

At just 7 years old, Rosado-Santiago began making and donating holiday meals for the homeless and elderly at her church parish. She soon enrolled other children in this work, inspiring and leading the group to give back. Later, Rosado-Santiago began volunteering to help elementary school children prepare for baptism, communion, and confirmation.

Recognizing the joy that volunteer work brought her, Rosado-Santiago continued to serve her community through her church, later turning this passion into a career as an advertising and marketing executive leading multicultural media strategies.

With roles at major organizations including Univision Communications, Latina Magazine, The Wall Street Journal Hispanic, and Televisa, among others, Rosado-Santiago had established a firm footing in the world of Hispanic leadership. Yet, it was a chance encounter with diplomat, media contributor and activist Claudia Romo Edelman that led to the realization that she needed to do more.

After hearing Edelman speak at an industry awards ceremony, Rosado-Santiago took her mission of elevating the Hispanic community as a call to action. Soon after, she joined The Hispanic Star, a grassroots initiative started by Edelman to “unify Hispanics and bring solutions that help them overcome barriers they face.”

As the NYC Hispanic Star Hub leader, Rosado-Santiago led Covid relief efforts, distributing supplies and food to over 250,000 families with the help of companies like P&G.

Today, Rosado-Santiago continues her leadership with The Hispanic Star and currently heads multicultural advertising and marketing efforts at Intersection Co., an out-of-home media company with transit, airport, and digital street-level media throughout the United States.

Rosado-Santiago sees her goal as helping to change the narrative of the Hispanic experience from negative to positive so that every single Hispanic across any disciple or industry at all levels is seen, heard, and valued. She views herself as a person who witnesses the good in the world and always chooses to focus on this in times of struggle. And above all, she leads her life with love at the center.

Congratulations to Nancy Rosado-Santiago for recognition as TIME’s 101 nominee for Leading with Love.

To learn more about The Hispanic Star mission, click here.

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