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37 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day for Every Type of Mom in Your Life

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These are independent reviews of the products mentioned, but TIME receives a commission when purchases are made through affiliate links at no additional cost to the purchaser.

The mothers in our lives deserve as much appreciation as we can give. So when Mother’s Day rolls around this May 9, don’t forget to shower them with affection and maybe a gift or two that shows how much their interests matter to you. While a Rimowa suitcase, a Nintendo Switch, Jo Malone incense or washable silk pajamas to lounge in can’t fully express your love and gratitude, they probably won’t hurt either.

Here are some ideas on what to get for the many types of mothers out there:


Gifts for Moms With Wanderlust

Airbnb gift card, varying amounts

Give the gift of a getaway with an Airbnb gift card. Travel might be slow to return, but this gift card, which is good for a night in a castle, cabin, condo, yurt, or even a potato, will be waiting. It leaves the where and when up to mom, which makes it an ideal present for anyone with a busy schedule.

Buy now: Airbnb


National Park Pass, $80

The National Park Pass is one of the best investments a nature lover can make, because it gives free entrance to our gorgeous national parks to everyone you can pack into a car. That means trips to Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and even diving paradise, Dry Tortugas National Park.

Buy now: National Park Service


Larq Water Bottle, $95

This handy water bottle not only keeps you hydrated in style, but also offers peace of mind thanks to a built-in UV sanitation system. Hit the button and moments later your water is free of up to 99.9999% of harmful, odor-causing germs. Plus, the bottle cleans itself and doesn’t need replacement filters. It’s easy, environmentally friendly and mom will love it.

Buy now: Amazon


Frette Hotel Classic sheet set, $550

These crisp cotton sheets feel like slipping into a luxury hotel bed, except you get to sleep in them every single night. Help the mothers out there have more restful nights.

Buy now: Frette


Cookbooks, various prices

While some borders are still closed, the safest and easiest way to travel is by cooking food from around the globe. Cookbooks like The Food of Oaxaca, Coconut & Sambal, Cook Real Hawai’i, Ripe Figs, Chaat and Bress ’N’ Nyam offer world tours, one plate at a time.

Buy now: Amazon




Rimowa Cabin Suitcase, $680

Founded in 1898, Rimowa has been making incredibly lightweight, stylish and durable luggage ever since. While their suitcases are on the pricey side, this gift will stand the test of time, making it the perfect emblem of your enduring love this Mother’s Day.

Buy now: Rimowa


Fjallraven Travel Wallet, $34.95

This wallet comes in an array of fun colors and has plenty of room for cards and cash. When you’re ready to take to the skies again, it can fit passports, phones, and even plane tickets. It’s the perfect travel companion.

Buy now: Amazon


Pendleton Crater Lake National Park Blanket, $319

Pendleton Woolen Mills offers stylish blankets that pay homage to our country’s national parks through a variety of color themes. These woolen blankets are equally useful when you’re camping out under the stars or camped out on the sofa daydreaming of your next trip.

Buy now: Amazon


Gifts for Moms With a Competitive Streak

Nintendo Switch Lite, $199.99

It’s time to give mom her own gaming console so she can school the kids on Mario Kart or just have a system of her own. When she’s not blazing past Bowser, she can play the new Pokémon Snap, lose herself in the brilliant murder mystery Return of the Obra Dinn, escape into her own world in Animal Crossing or hit the floor with Just Dance way past bedtime.

Buy now: Amazon




Mysterium, $40.99

A ghost imparts visions on a team of psychics who must work together to solve a murder in this collaborative board game with beautifully haunting illustrations. The game is complex and the visions open to interpretation, but the result is a challenging and engaging good time.

Buy now: Amazon


Codenames, $14.49

It’s spymaster vs spymaster in this battle of words. Spymasters give clues that lead their teams through a minefield of words that belong to the opposing teams and the dreaded assassin. This game also works well over Zoom if mom has gotten used to the video chat life.

Buy now: Amazon


The Isle of Cats, $40

Rescue as many cats as possible and, while you’re at it, some fish and ancient treasures, too. While the game is fun for a crowd, it can also be played alone for some blissful quiet time.

Buy now: Amazon


New York Times Crossword Omnibus, $20.99

Why do one crossword when you can do 1,001? This massive book of crosswords is the perfect accompaniment to breakfast in bed with puzzles of all levels and difficulties. Plus, it’s a great screen-free activity to decompress from too many hours online.

Buy now: Amazon


Santorini, $21.89

Head to the island of Santorini to stack buildings faster than anyone else at the table. This is a strategy game for the whole family, easy enough for the middle school set, but challenging enough for the grownups with just a touch of divine intervention to keep everyone on their toes.

Buy now: Amazon


Elevate app subscription, $39.99

Get a brain workout with games and activities designed to improve memory, attention and mental flexibility. Elevate focuses on writing, reading and comprehension, helping improve grammar and vocabulary, and generally keep up the mental gymnastics.

Buy now: Apple


Gifts for Moms With Green Thumbs

Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit, $238

Gardeners know that bees are right up there with water and soil when it comes to a thriving garden. This kit has everything but the bee to start a backyard colony, including a hive crate, gloves, bee veil, smoker and a guide book. You can also sponsor a hive through The Bee Conservancy.

Buy now: Amazon


Cocktail Grow Kit, $12

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of growing everything one needs to whip up a delicious herbaceous cocktail. This kit includes thyme, lavender, thai basil, mint, lemon balm and blue borage seeds as well as cocktail recipes. Add a copy of the Drunken Botanist ($13.99) and a bottle of hooch and you’re on your way to gifting the best bar in the neighborhood.

Buy now: Uncommon Goods


Picnic Basket, $60

Let mom picnic in plein air with this insulated wicker basket. Just pack some food, wine, lemonade and a blanket, because this basket has everything else you need, including a bottle opener, plates, silverware, glasses and even salt and pepper shakers.

Buy now: Amazon


Farmgirl Flowers bouquet subscription, starting at $48 week

Surely the mom in your live will love regular flowers with this weekly bouquet subscription. Made up of 100% American grown flowers, this flower delivery not only supports farmers but it brightens up any room and any day.

Buy now: Farmgirl Flowers


Coolibar Perla Hat, $39

This gardening hat is made from a straw-like material that can withstand rolling, crushing or dropping. Not only is it cute and durable, it’s also rated UPF 50+ and has a four-inch brim, built-in sweatband and lining that means maximum sun protection and extra comfort for mom.

Buy now: Amazon


Anker Capsule Projector, $599

Let mom stargaze in her garden by throwing an outdoor movie viewing party. This tiny, but mighty projector streams from more than 5,000 apps, including favorites like YouTube, Hulu, Twitch and more. Pick up a screen (this one is just $60), make some popcorn, and it’s showtime.

Buy now: Amazon


Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden, $99.95

Apartment dwellers shouldn’t be denied the chance to grow their own food. This cleverly-designed indoor herb garden means arugula, basil, lavender, tomatoes and even wild strawberries can grow right on a countertop. Even better, it’s self-watering and has a built-in light so your plants can grow regardless of weather.

Buy now: Amazon


Terrarium, $36.76

This table-top terrarium creates a lush tropical environment wherever you live in the world. The small greenhouse creates the perfect climate for raising succulents, moss, fern, cacti and even Venus fly traps or pitcher plants.

Buy now: Amazon


Gifts for Moms With a Discerning Palate

Goldbelly gift card, various amounts

Even moms who love to cook will appreciate a special treat delivered directly from Montreal, Chicago or Round Top, Texas. A gift certificate means mom can choose whether she wants Buffalo wings direct from Buffalo, Michigan cherry pie, Nebraska square pizza, Momofuku pork buns, Commander’s Palace shrimp and grits, Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies, or all of the above.

Buy now: Goldbelly


Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, $27.86

Since 1896, Lodge Manufacturing has been making some of America’s finest cast iron cookware. Their skillets are perfect for any number of kitchen tasks whether you’re frying chicken, searing a steak or making a crumble. The best part of cast iron is that no cook can have too many.

Buy now: Amazon


New York Shuk Pantry, $139

Let mom spice things up in the kitchen with this collection of Middle Eastern flavors. This assortment from the New York-based company features their signature fiery harissa, zingy preserved lemon paste, warming Baharat and bright sumac berries. An assortment of crackers like their za’atar spiced version round out the set. It is sure to excite any palate.

Buy now: New York Shuk


McBride Sisters Spring Bouquet Wine Tasting Pack, $117

People who love to eat frequently love to drink, too, so pick out a wine pairing from this Black-owned California wine company. The Spring Bouquet pack includes Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Merlot and Zinfandel sure to suit any dinner plan.

Buy now: McBride Sisters


Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer, $185

Air fryers are amped up convection ovens that circulate hot air so quickly they basically fry food, resulting in healthier fried chicken wings, taquitos, doughnuts and even bloomin’ onions. This version combines the fun of an air fryer with the practicality of a three-in-one device.

Buy now: Amazon


Vitamix E310, $272.43

The aircraft-grade stainless steel blades in this Vitamix can chop vegetables, create a puree, blend a smoothie and make a mean margarita all with the push of a button. This is the gold standard of mixers sure to put a smile on any chef’s face.

Buy now: Amazon


Point Reyes Cheese Everyday Essentials Gift Pack, $70

Say cheese! This sampler is packed with six different types of this woman-owned cheese company’s finest products, including truffle cheese, tasty toma, spicy togarashi and their award-winning blue. It is designed to warm the hearts of lactose tolerant mothers everywhere.

Buy now: Point Reyes Cheese


Gifts for Moms Who Need a Break




AirPods Max, $549

These over-ear headphones not only offer the perfect audio environment for listening to music and podcasts, but also offer top-notch noise cancellation for a little quiet time wherever you are in the world (or house).

Buy now: Amazon


Buttah Vibe & Cleanse Kit , $42.48

Let mom indulge in some self-care with this face cleanser made with coconut and palm oils and lavender extract applied with a high-tech vibe brush. It’s sure to whisk her away to a happy place. Add a charcoal skin care mask and a Vitamin C serum for a day spa experience at home.

Buy now: Amazon

Oculus Quest 2, $399

If reality has been a little much, give the gift of slipping into virtual reality. This top-rated, all-in-one VR system lets you escape the real world for immersive gaming, workouts, concerts and more.

Buy now: Amazon


Jo Malone


Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarin Diffuser, $98

This Mother’s Day, just close your eyes and take a deep breath to feel like you’re on a mini-vacation thanks to this diffuser that will fill your home with tropical scents.

Buy now: Jo Malone


Ostrich Napping Pillow, $100

This immersive pillow is designed with a quick escape in mind. Wherever and whenever a speedy recharge is needed, the lucky owner can slip their head into this innovative design for a power nap at a desk, a cat nap at home or a trip to dreamland.

Buy now: Amazon


Kindle Oasis, $250

This e-reader is designed to be read in the bath, which means it is perfect for the mom who just wants a good book far from the maddening crowd. This waterproof version of the popular device comes with three months of Kindle Unlimited book subscription, as well.

Buy now: Amazon


Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas, $178

Slip into something comfortable that is also washable, stylish and thermoregulating. This silk sleep set is designed for elegant lounging and is sure to make waking up a glamorous affair even if you’re just working from home.

Buy now: Lunya

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