Draw with Us!

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Do your kids love to draw?

Have them join the journey as Drew, creative director of TIME for Kids, and his sidekick Rosie explore their imaginations and dream up fun things to sketch.

Episode 7: Book Covers, with Raina Telgemeier

Episode 6: Master Copy

Episode 5: Step-by-Step

Episode 4: Landscapes

Episode 3: Teacher Appreciation Week

Episode 2: Let’s Draw Self Portraits

Episode 1: Let’s Draw a Giraffe

Drew Willis is the creative director of TIME for Kids (TFK) and an accomplished children’s book illustrator. He has worked with Andrea, TFK’s editor-in-chief, since before her daughter Rosie was born. For her entire life, Rosie has admired Drew’s artwork. She sent him a card one year with Santa drawn on it, and received a reply that was her favorite holiday gift—Drew sent her a thank-you note that included a Santa drawing of his own. Rosie immediately hung it on her wall, and started work on her next drawing for Drew. This was the beginning of a fun new tradition for the pair: passing hand-drawn pictures back and forth.

Now it’s your turn to join the fun!

On “Draw with Drew (and Rosie),” these two avid artists tackle different drawing subjects and offer hints to help make your kids’ artwork the best it can be.

Have your child draw along with Drew and Rosie. Then, you can share the finished picture on social media using the hashtag #DrawWithDrew, or email it to tfkeditors@time.com. (Parents: Please include first name only, if any, on the art itself.)*

Draw with Drew (and Rosie!) is a FREE global offering from TIME for Kids to support teachers, families and students. TIME for Kids brought the in-classroom publication to homes for the first time with the launch of the TIME for Kids free digital library, available through July. Register here: time.com/tfk-free

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