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Why Is This Cover Of “Let It Go” Different From All Other Covers Of “Let It Go”?

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Forget about Dayenu and Chad Gadya and all your normal Passover songs. At this year’s Seder, everybody’s going to be singing this holiday-themed version of “Let It Go,” the signature song from Disney’s Frozen.

Six-man Jewish a cappella group Six13 put together this Passover tribute, which they’ve titled “Chozen.” (Get it? Because Jews are the chosen people, and chosen rhymes with Frozen.) They rewrote the lyrics of the popular tune to tell the story of Passover, changing lines like “Let it go, let it go / Can’t hold it back anymore” to “Let them go, let them go / Or He’ll plague Egypt some more / Let them go, Pharoah / Say the word and we’re out the door.”

Now, you might be sick of “Let It Go” covers, and we understand that. But if nothing else, it’s totally worth watching this to see an adorable sextet of NJBs singing their kishkas off. Chag sameach!


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