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A Student From Italy Staying in an Empty Dorm Has Gone Viral For Trying to Make the Best of His Situation

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When the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater suspended all classes and locked down its campus last month in response to the coronavirus, many students went home.

Not Luca Petrogalli. The 19-year old freshman is from the city of Turin in northern Italy, which is also locked down as the country fights to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. As The Daily Dot reports, going home to Italy wasn’t an option, so Petrogalli stayed on campus by himself. However, he managed to keep busy with TikTok.

On TikTok, he has been documenting his life as a coronavirus castaway of sorts, as a lone resident of the empty campus.

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He captures what it’s like living in an otherwise empty dorm, but he is trying to make the best of it.

This lonely video is just missing a tumbleweed rolling through.

Since Petrogalli appears to have the entire dorm to himself, when he decided that he was tired of walking to the bathroom every morning, he just moved inside. Who is there to complain?

He also found a creative way to not miss his friends who would normally be filling the dorm with noise and action, printing out their photos and sticking them up on the walls.

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