At Last BTS Fans Know All About That Mysterious Black Bean Noodle Incident

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Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, BTS fans finally have an answer to one of life’s enduring mysteries—what went on with the so-called black bean noodle incident.

During the Tonight Show takeover on Monday night, the K-Pop icons rode the New York subway with Fallon as he asked them questions from their fans. One of the items on the top of the list was about an incident that band members RM and Jimin had mentioned in passing during a fan livestream, promising that they would reveal all the details “when they’re next on TV”, according to Metro. That left the BTS Army * ahem * hungry for all the details and desperate for more information about these noodles. At the urging of fans, Fallon jumped in, seizing the opportunity to sate the fans’ appetite to know all about those now famous noodles.

Jimin was the one to reveal the truth and it turns out that RM has a special someone in his life—a bowl of black bean noodles. He explained that back when the band was first starting, they were taking a break from practicing their intricate song and dance routines. “RM said he was going to the restroom when in actuality he had gone to eat black bean noodles by himself, while all of us were waiting for him,” Jimin explained, laughing. RM defended his very relatable actions by saying that he “had a stomachache”, but sometimes we all just need a little alone time with a bowl of noodles.

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