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Little Girl’s Next-Level Self-Confidence Is the Energy Required for 2020

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It’s officially 2020 and we’re only accepting good vibes from here on out. But if you need a little inspiration to kickstart your journey to self-love, look no further than this little girl’s A-1 attitude.

In a video that has been upvoted on Reddit over 9,000 times as of Thursday morning, a young girl perfectly demonstrates what it means to own your truth.

The clip shows the girl, whose name is revealed to be Chloe, walking through a garage while a man who seems to be her dad films.

“Chloe, what is on your face?” the man asks, prompting Chloe to stop dead in her tracks and deliver an iconically confident response. “Umm…beauty,” she declares while staring at the camera with a sassy expression that says, “What do you think is on it?”

This reply prompts a burst of laughter from both the man and the woman standing next to him (seemingly Chloe’s mom). Keep doing you, Chloe, you’re a hero to us all.

Watch the video below.

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