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Marriage Story Memes Have Arrived to Get You Through Life’s Most Distressing Situations

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Noah Baumbach’s Golden Globe nominated film Marriage Story is a heartbreaking tale of a couple trying to redefine their relationship at the end of it. It’s also a meme-producing machine that is slowly taking over the internet.

The film’s stars, Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, delivered performances that earned them both Golden Globe nods. The internet has honed in on one particularly harrowing scene of a fight between Driver’s character Charlie and Johansson’s character Nicole sit in a near-empty apartment to have a heated argument about monogamy and love and what comes next.

It’s heartfelt and painful to watch as the argument waxes, wanes, and peaks when Charlie punches a hole into a wall. The internet appears to be using humor to cope with the difficult emotions that the scene brings up. Twitter users have been taking scenes from the Netflix film and adding their own captions, making the argument not about betrayal and collateral damage, but about, say, baby Yoda of Star Wars, managing to take a distressing scene and make it downright funny. If only they gave out Golden Globes for tweets.

People are also turning to humorous memes to help them cope with the searing film and as a way to share their thoughts on the performances:

Others are taking the template of the film’s heated argument and adding their own political commentary or trying to suss out how personal the film was for Baumbach, who went through his own divorce:

Then there are those folks who haven’t had time to watch the movie yet, but still want in on the Twitter fun:

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