Dunkin’ Now Offers Doughnut-Scented Candles

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Even the briefest whiff of a freshly baked sugar doughnut can put even the most ardent health food advocate in touch with their inner Homer Simpson — a universal “Mmmm…doughnuts” moment. And Dunkin’ may be hoping that aroma will prove tantalizing even when its source isn’t from actual baked goods goodness.

Because the chain has introduced a line of hand-poured candles scented like some of their most popular products.

Dunkin’ has teamed up with home-fragrance company Homesick to offer limited-edition candles that smell just like the company’s “old-fashioned” doughnuts. Since Dunkin’ got rid of the “Donut” part of its name, the company also wanted to olfactorily remind potential customers that it also sells coffee, so they have both coffee and peppermint mocha-scented candles, too. The limited-run candles cost $29.95, a small price for constantly smelling like doughnuts.

To come up with the scents, Homesick’s researchers and chemists strolled over to their local Dunkin’, loaded up on coffee and doughnuts and picked the ones that smelled the best, the companies explained in a blog post about the pink-and-orange packaged candles they unleashed on the world.

“It was crucial to capture a balance of fragrance notes that Dunkin’ fans everywhere would recognize and love, so our culinary team here at Dunkin’ worked closely with Homesick’s experts to pick the best matches,” Dunkin’ said while announcing the inevitable White Elephant party hit. Sadly, it appears that no one thought to make a candle that smells like one of Dunkin’s popular breakfast sandwiches, which would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any Dunkin’ diehard. Maybe next year, eh, Dunkin’?

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