Ellen Degeneres Tells Brad Pitt She Dated One of His Ex-Girlfriends

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Brad Pitt discovered that Ellen DeGeneres dated one of his ex-girlfriends during an appearance on The Ellen Show this week.

When DeGeneres and Pitt were reminiscing about how they met in the ’80s or ’90s, Pitt revealed that their first moments together were pretty memorable.

“I remember a Melissa Etheridge pool party, where I think you were hitting on my girlfriend,” he said.

“Was I hitting on your girlfriend, really?” Degeneres replied.

“I think so,” Pitt responded. “I was flattered.”

DeGeneres had some news of her own to reveal to Pitt after that recollection.

“I actually sense that I have dated another one of your girlfriends,” she said without revealing the identity of the person in question. “We’ll talk about that later.”

Pitt for his part, agreed that the conversation was best “after the show.”

DeGeneres has been in a relationship with actress Portia de Rossi for the past 16 years and recently celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary with her. Pitt was previously married to actresses Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, but both marriages ended in divorce.

Watch Pitt’s full interview with DeGeneres below.

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