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Woman Awakes to Green-Dyed Dogs After Raid Under the Cover of Night

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There are a lot of different kinds of dogs out there, but green dogs aren’t something you see everyday. That is, until you accidentally leave your kitchen door open overnight and your pups get into a bag of green food coloring.

A video taken by dog wner Yada Ornsomjit in her home in in Lamphun, northern Thailand documents the morning earlier in July when she awoke to discover that her French bulldogs Dam-nam and Sai-Aua had done just that. The mischievous pair had apparently ripped open a bag of green food coloring while raiding the kitchen cupboards the night before and dyed themselves bright green. All four of Ornsomjit’s French bulldogs then proceeded to track the food coloring all over the house.

”I forgot to shut the kitchen door the night before. But I couldn’t believe they went inside and made everything green,” Ornsomjit said, according to the Daily Mail. ”My husband and I spent half a day washing them about three times but some parts of their bodies were still green. We were really tired but they seemed not to know what they had done wrong.”

Watch the full video below.

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