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A Plane Passenger Who Used His Bare Feet to Scroll Through Movie Options Is Raising Concern

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There are certain unspoken rules of flying in an airplane — because when you’re crammed into an airborne metal tube with hundreds of other strangers, etiquette is important.

Hygiene is particularly critical, but apparently one recent plane passenger missed this crucial lesson, as his fellow flyers noticed during a recent trip. The video, shared on Twitter by one of the other passengers’ friends, author Alafair Burke, shows an unnamed and unidentifiable person using his feet to swipe through movie options on the touchscreen pinned to the wall in front of him. (Looks like he was at the front of a cabin section, allowing greater leg room for this unnecessarily dexterous feat.)

As Burke further shared on Twitter, it didn’t appear to be an issue with using his hands — the passenger in question was able to enter and exit the plane carrying his luggage as normal. “He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet,” she suggested. (Other commenters noted that he could have an impairment that hinders his ability to lean forward to access the screen, offering one explanation.)

But in general, this behavior is raising eyebrows. After all, feet are not the most ideal extremity to use on a surface that others will regularly be touching with their bare hands. While some do remove their shoes on plans, it’s best to keep them on the floor, where they belong — and for everyone else, take a page out of top traveler Naomi Campbell’s book and make sure to sanitize your space when you enter a plane, because you just never know.

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