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‘Nap Master’ Dog Sleeps Through Anything as Crowds Gather to Take in the Wonder of it All

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In this hectic modern world, most of us need more sleep. However it can be hard to find a good time and place to take a nap and hopefully make up for some sleep debt that you owe yourself. If that sounds familiar, consider following the example set by one determined napping pooch.

A video is making the rounds of the internet, showing a very good dog who decided to take what was undoubtedly a well-deserved snooze in the middle of a plaza in what according to Mashable is located in Georgia. The pup parked itself on some cement in, turned belly up, and passed out in the middle of the crowded space.

Eventually a person wandered by the napping dog and was seemingly struck by the sublime image of a snoozing pup and was unable to resist snapped a photo. Once one person had whipped out their phone, others lost their inhibitions and followed suit. Soon phone-wielding paparazzi-like hoard was swarming the pup, who was blissfully unaware of the crowd gathering around to watch it saw logs. Luckily everyone seemed to agree to let sleeping dogs lie, and the dog was able to continue its slumber.

As for what the photo-snapping crowd was going to do with their images, perhaps they will post them on Instagram with the #SleepInspo or #NapMaster hashtag, set them at the background image on their computer’s desktop as a reminder to get a good night’s sleep, or add them to their vision board as a level of tranquility, self-preservation, and self-care that most of us can only aspire to.

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