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Jimmy Kimmel just upped the ante in his ongoing feud with Matt Damon, by recruiting one of Damon’s sports heroes into the fight.

On Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel shows up at a suburban home with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in tow. Kimmel then casually asks Brady if he could throw the football he just happens to be holding through a window in the house. The six-time Super Bowl winner, looks at Kimmel like he’s nuts, because of course he can hit a window in a house. He proves it, by easily shattering a window.

“Very well done, that was impressive,” Kimmel says. As he and his longtime sidekick Guillermo congratulate Brady on his marksmanship, a very angry Damon walks out and demands to know what’s going on.

“Oh no, do you live here?” Kimmel replies, with Damon angrily answering, “You know I live here!”

The fact that Kimmel got Brady involved in their 14-year long feud is particularly devious, because as a Boston native, Damon is a huge New England Patriots fan. Damon even tried to “sneak” on to Kimmel’s show dressed as Brady back in 2017. Now, he may never look at his hero in the same way.

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