The ‘Arya Challenge’ Is the Best Game of Thrones Phenomenon in the Realm

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The “Arya challenge” has arrived — courtesy of the fierce warrior Arya Stark’s heroics as she drove her Valyrian steel blade into the Night King to kill him in the most explosive moment of Sunday night’s “The Long Night” Game of Thrones episode.

As if saving the day in the godswood with her quick handiwork thanks to her years of combat training wasn’t enough, now the Stark assassin (Masie Williams) has mere mortal fans moving as “quick as a snake, quiet as a shadow.”

People are getting in on the worthy hero’s weapon-passing trickery with videos naturally captioned with the hashtags “#aryachallenge” and “#nottoday,” echoing Melisandre’s callback to the words of Arya’s first teacher: “What do we say to the god of death? Not today.”

The challenge has become a hit online, with people mimicking Arya’s slight of hand with the relic by dropping things like keys, a remote control and a carrot from one hand into another and then stabbing the air.

See below for the best takes on the true champion:

The Arya challenge with a microphone

The Arya challenge with an umbrella

The Arya challenge with a remote control

The Arya challenge with a mug

The Arya challenge with young warriors

The Arya challenge with fruit

The Arya challenge with vegetables

Of course, fans recognized the move from when she was sparring with Brienne the Tarth in Winterfell in season 7:

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