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Protect This All-Seeing Divination Dog and His Crystal Ball at All Costs

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It’s the small things that bring the internet joy on a Monday. Here’s one: a now-viral Reddit post of an all-seeing dog gazing into a crystal ball with intense attention.

“My dog can see up to the sidewalk in the reflection of my crystal ball,” Reddit user SmallRubyTouringHat shared in a post on the platform on Sunday, “so he watches for people and cars but he looks like he’s seeing the future.” Included in the post were a selection of photos that confirm that the dog does indeed seem like the wise fortune-telling we all need in our lives — or perhaps an acolyte of famed Divination teacher and crystal ball fan Professor Trelawney. The dog even places its paw delicately on the crystal ball in one snapshot, as if focusing for even further detail in the orb’s depths.

Naturally, commenters loved the visual. “So when he sees people coming up the sidewalk and lets you know it’s almost like he’s predicting the future?” one suggested. “Truly an all seeing eye dog,” another punned.

Another set of fans on the Photoshop Battles Subreddit had further fun with the image, editing the photo with themes of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and dog treats in mind. Looks like this pup has a bright future ahead as a meme, no matter what it’s seeing in that crystal ball.

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