The Florida Man Challenge Is a Bizarre News Bonanza

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A Florida man did something ill-advised the day you were born, so here is the Florida Man challenge.

Entering your birthday and the term “Florida man” into Google to see the headlines a Floridian gentleman made has been keeping people in stitches on Twitter.

In fairness to the Sunshine State, citizens of the world everywhere have done some memorable things to make the news. But it’s that Florida Man stereotype that’s getting singled out today.

“Florida man shoved woman because he wanted to eat egg rolls in her house, claims she slapped him,” Newsweek read on Thursday. He’s not the first. Take for instance the Florida man arrested for throwing cheeseburger at pregnant woman on May 23rd who TIME reported on.

And the headlines that are stranger than fiction keep rolling in.

People are now excited to find out what antics Florida Man had in store, and sharing the bizarre news results.

It all began when Twitter user g_pratimaaa had an idea.

“EVERYBODY google “florida man” followed by your birthday (florida man august 22) and tell me what you get. mine is Florida Man tries to attack neighbor with tractor.”

Getting in on the queries has been a real blast for Twitter users since.

Whenever you came into this world, chances are someone was pulling something on that calendar day as evidenced by the tweets below. See some of the results of the Florida man internet challenge below.

As for why these “Florida man” stories exist in abundance, thank the easily accessible public records.

It all comes down to state’s Sunshine Law.

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