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Astounding Video of Extreme Shoelace Tying Techniques Is Blowing a Lot of Minds Right Now

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You thought your kicks were fresh? Think again. A video of expert-level shoelace-tying techniques is going seriously viral on Twitter this week — and teaching us all plebeians that we have some major upgrades to make to our laces game if we want to keep up with the pros.

Shared by Twitter user @Bob_Kitt earlier this week, whose account is full of meme content and viral-style short videos, the origin of the footage appears to be from Weibo. But in mesmerizing close-up, we can watch 12 different creative ways of lacing up a pair of shoes, from making fancy bows in the middle of each cross to using all kinds of loops and knots to challenge our understanding of what a lace can do — and, ultimately, look like — while still remaining functional.

And viewers are wowed. The video has been watched over 12 million times and counting; no small feat for a 2-minute instructional clip set over country music. One helpful user even shared a series of slowed-down clips of each of the different styles, so perhaps we can attempt to emulate the masterful lacing. But as many respondents noted, it’s not as easy as it looks. Only try this at home if you’re also an expert at undoing knots.

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