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Brazen Koala Hopped Into a Man’s Car to Cool Off and Refused to Leave

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It can get pretty hot in Australia. Just ask this adorable koala who found refuge in an air conditioned car on Monday.

Tim Whitrow, a winemaker, was surprised to be greeted by the furry friend as he checked on his fruit in the New Alluca Wine Vineyard in the South of Australia. Whitrow explained in a Facebook post that he had left the air conditioning on and left the doors open to allow his dog to roam free as he checked on the vineyard.

Whitrow, who wrote that he was already having a pretty wild week, had some trouble making the cooled-down koala exit the vehicle. “It took a fair bit of convincing to get the feisty little fella out,” he wrote in the post, which has more than 4,000 shares and nearly 6,000 likes as of Tuesday morning.

Eventually, Whitrow shared that he was able to “release hitch hiker ‘Caramello'” in the nature of Blewitt Springs, a suburb of Adelaide — but not before feeding him from a bottle and melting the hearts of the thousands of Facebook video viewers worldwide.

Australia’s summer season spans from December to February, so it’s now technically autumn. But in the south of Australia, temperatures in autumn can get as high as 79 degrees fahrenheit, according to the country’s website. This summer was also Australia’s hottest on record, according to the World Economic Forum.

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