‘You’re Weird, Mom.’ Parents Serve the Spaghetti and Snowballs Challenge to Kids

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Much of the Midwest and East Coast have been hit with bone-chilling temperatures recently, which means parents have been stuck inside with their children for days and days. To help them fill the endless hours, Jimmy Kimmel decided to give parents something to be happy about. He issued a new addition to his ever-growing series of YouTube challenges for parents wanting to prank their kids. The latest entry iss the “Spaghetti and Snowball Challenge,” possibly inspired by a prank in the Bubble Guppies episode, “Happy Holidays. Mr. Grumpfish!”.

To get involved in the fun, moms and dads simply had to prepare a feast of spaghetti and snowballs and present it to their children as if it was a normal family meal and record the reactions. He presented the results on Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and they did not disappoint.

While most kids just thought it was strange, saying things like, “You’re weird, mom,” these children politely thanked their mother for the “special” lunch she had prepared:

One of these three-year old twins bluntly explained, “I don’’t like snow on it.” While the other calmly listened to her mother and tried dipping it in sauce, before agreeing with her brother, “I don’t like it.”

These kids decided that while the snowballs were okay, the pepper on them was not:

Another family boldly decided that the best time to pull the prank was during their little girl’s special birthday dinner. She was not in the mood for her parents’ shenanigans, though, and promptly burst into tears.

After being presented with her off-putting after-school snack, another girl came up with a clever solution—threaten to throw them at her parents until they brought her something real:

One child kindly suggested the rest of the family eat the snowballs first, before declaring, “This is the worst recipe in the world.”:

When this wise child was presented with a plate of spaghetti and snowballs, he just had one question, “Why?”

Teenagers will notoriously eat anything, and at least one of these kids lived up to that reputation by diving into the snow-covered meal:

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