Woman’s Sad Super Bowl Losing Queso Suffers From Internet’s Third-Degree Burns

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Years from now, when we’re playing football in outer space, one Super Bowl 2019 highlight will come back to haunt us, and it didn’t happen on the field or even on television.

One woman who may have lost Super Bowl 53 in the eyes of the internet chorus was Fox News’ anchor Dana Perino.

She didn’t expect to make her mark on the sporting event, but she did exactly that with a picture of homemade queso that boggled minds.

You’ve almost certainly seen the bubbly orange substance in the dish. It is one of those widely circulated images on Twitter, a testament to how despite our best efforts as humans, sometimes we don’t quite make it. People with nothing better to watch at the moment felt it was the most saddening snack ever created.

It was first revealed on Twitter. “I made queso,” Perino wrote of the viscous dish that closely resembled hell if it was bottled.

The strength of any Super Bowl snack game is as much about the taste as it is about how something looks. But suffice it to say people had fun expressing their discomfort with her results.

No one was impressed. People thought it looked like the remains of an ancient tomb, the deeply disappointing Frye Festival sandwich, or sadness itself in cookware.

See the best Super Bowl I Made Queso meme reactions below.

Consider this a reminder that restaurants can free us from our worst designs to try to make something at home. Perhaps this was not the queso we wanted, but the queso we clearly deserved.

The excellent news is that she had a wonderful sense of humor about it, and it supplied a fun distraction during the lowest-scoring Super Bowl game ever. The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. And the queso scored a total of zero fans.

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