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Birders Take Advantage of People Misspelling Super Bowl With ‘Superb Owls’ You’re Seeing Everywhere

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Sunday’s football game might have been the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time, but Superb Owls scored big on social media on Sunday night.

Birders and wildlife nonprofits took advantage of a common misspelling on social media today to draw attention to post photos of the birds. The images ranged from the tiny and twee-looking elf owl to the elegant great horned owl.

One owl enthusiast, James Duncan, even took over the r/Superbowl thread on Reddit to take questions about the animals.

Duncan, who wrote that he is the founder of social enterprise company Discover Owls, explained on Twitter that his mission is to teach people about owls so that they’ll support conservation efforts.

“People protect things they care about, and science alone will not benefit owls if people do not value them,” Duncan wrote. “That is why, in addition to conducting research on owls, I am passionate about exchanging information about owls with everyone.”

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