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Carrie Bradshaw is back — but not in the way you might expect. In a new ad for Super Bowl 2019, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges teamed up to reinvigorate their two most iconic onscreen characters, Parker’s Sex and the City writer and Bridges’ The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

Bradshaw is known for her love of Cosmopolitan cocktails on the hit TV show, while The Dude is synonymous with his penchant for White Russians. But in the new ad, both characters eschew their usual order for a Stella Artois beer. Besides just skipping the strong stuff for a brew, there’s also a charitable component to the ad’s message: Stella Artois has joined up with’s “Pour it Forward” campaign, and is donating a portion of every Stella purchase to the non-profit to support access to clean water in the developing world. was co-founded by fellow actor Matt Damon.

In the ad, Parker and Bridges — fully decked out in their notable character costumes — throw a restaurant into mayhem with their deviation from the norm. But when they end up seated next to each other, they share a cheers to the cause.

“Good choice,” Parker tells Bridges about his beverage.

“Well, changing can do a little good,” he rejoins.

So while Sex and the City 3 remains tabled indefinitely, at least we have one more Bradshaw outfit to add to the archive.

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