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A Jurassic Park Star Doing Yoga With His Flexible Pig Is Really Onto Something Special

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In stressful times, it’s helpful to know that somewhere, someone is doing yoga alongside his pig.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the someone is Sam Neill, an actor you may have seen in Jurassic Park or The Piano. He does yoga.

But it’s important to note that he enjoys yoga with his pet pig. The actor shared the evidence on Twitter, and people were positively charmed by the whole thing.

“The Pig” as it is called knows how to do all the usual yoga positions, and is pushing Neill to elevate himself to new heights. The Jurassic Park actor explained everything.

“So The Pig and I do our stretching routine together these mornings; we take turns while the other coaches. Here we demonstrate the “Upward Facing Dog”. Or “The Cobra” to the Pig. [he’s more Yoga than Pilates.] ‘Just 3 more Sam !”Yes coach.’ Omm.”

Yoga with mindful pigs is no new phenomenon. Piggys need to unwind too. Look no further than this highly attended Denver, Pennsylvania class. Goat yoga, dog yoga are also popular draws.

A friend to pigs, Neill also enjoys singing along with them.

In love and light, please enjoy their moment together. For fans, this is the aspirational lifestyle of Sam Neill’s pig yoga mornings.

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