January 14, 2019 1:40 PM EST

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex took a minute to connect with a little girl who shared his distinctive hair color, whom he met while taking a walk with Meghan Markle in the British town of Birkenhead this week.

In footage taken at the scene, a child identified by reporters as four-year-old Eliza Morris was holding up a sign reading “Gingers Unite.” Naturally, it caught the Prince’s eye, and he took a few moments to chat with Morris and the surrounding fans. “I love this!” he reportedly commented about the sign of solidarity. “Do you love your hair? The sign is amazing!” he added. The royal pair were in Birkenhead to view a public sculpture and visit a number of charitable projects, and they spent about 45 minutes on their walkabout, visiting with fans.

One or two percent of the world’s population can claim to be natural-born redheads, estimates suggest, with a higher proportion of gingers popping up in northern Europe. Prince Harry has been one of the most visible redheads in the U.K. for years, thanks to his royal status.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are busy this winter with preparations to move to a new house in Windsor, their various charitable commitments and Markle’s pregnancy; she appears to have revealed that they are expecting their future child sometime in April or May. Only time will tell if their royal baby will get the rare redhead gene.

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