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Pedialyte Is Embracing Its Reputation as a Hangover Treatment With a Sparkling Drink for Adults

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It’s been an open secret for years that hungover adults have turned to Pedialyte – an off-label use for the medical-grade electrolyte-packed drink for children.

Now, Pedialyte’s manufacturer has accepted its status as the hangover treatment of choice for drinkers who are haunted by their decisions the next day. Just in time for New Year’s Eve—and the morning after New Year’s Eve—Abbott Laboratories has released a line just for adults.

Abbott unveiled Pedialyte Sparkling Rush, a packet of fruit-flavored electrolyte-containing powder that just requires water, a process easy enough for even the most hungover adult to manage, to create a relieving seltzer-like fizz. While Pedialyte has been marketing its product to adults since at least 2015, the new product is specifically designed for grownups who need to be rehydrated after a long night, a long work out or a stomach bug (but also to treat hangovers).

“Pedialyte Sparkling Rush is a medical-grade hydration solution that replenishes the body with twice the electrolytes and half the sugar of leading sports drinks,” the company says in a press release. The adult version of Pedialyte has no artificial colors and is better at fighting dehydration than sports drinks, because it is lower in sugar and sodium.

The powder packets, which come in cherry and grape flavors, are now available at Target and Meijer grocery stores in the U.S., as well as on Amazon.

Of course, scientists say that that there is no real cure for hangovers – since they’re not exactly sure what causes them. However, hydrating and replacing electrolytes can help relieve some of the symptoms for some people. The only proven way to stop a hangover is not over-doing it in the first place.

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