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Multiple Santa Clauses Were No Match for the Wrath of Gritty

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Actually it’s Santa who better watch out, specifically for Gritty.

Since the first evidence of Gritty’s existence in September, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot’s rapscallion reputation has been legendary.

And he upped the ante during the first intermission at the Philadelphia Flyers game against the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia when he took down more than one “Santa.”

Gritty was dressed as Kris Kringle himself in a traditional Coca Cola-ad style red velvet suit trimmed with white fur and hat. But some of the goalies skating around the arena were in Santa attire too. And apparently there was room for only one St. Nick in the house.

So the wide-eyed furry mascot the color of Tang was filmed chasing down other Santas to bulldoze them, leaving some of his victims face down on the ice. After he crushed his first target, it was clear Gritty was a hooligan unleashed on a war path.

He proceeded to body check other Santas, and smack them on the heads with a Christmas wreath prop. No one was fast enough to skate away from Gritty.

It may be only Gritty’s first season, but he already introduced us to the sport of Santa sacking on ice.

The Flyers won 3-2, and it’s safe to say that Gritty will be on the naughty list for his lifetime.

Get a load of Gritty’s latest antics below.

People were into it.

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