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Home Alone Will Never Be the Same After You Read This Epic Rant About Details You Probably Missed

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A woman’s funny Twitter thread about how the family in Home Alone went “overboard” with their Christmas decorations has gone viral.

Home Alone, the Chris Columbus-directed seasonal classic about precocious eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) left all alone on the holiday is primarily known for the ultimate showdown with the bumbling burglars Harry (Jose Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern).

But Twitter user Claire Reilly has plenty to say about another aspect that has nothing to do with Kevin’s knack for inflicting pain on the Wet Bandits – the decorations.

She feels strongly that the McCallisters spread their Christmas cheer too far – even including the kitchen appliances, the wallpaper and a hunter green telephone.

And so she decided to speak her truth, kicking off her tweetstorm with a plea.

“Can we talk about the McAllister’s house in Home Alone for a second? Like, of COURSE you’re going to be a target for Christmas bandits if your house is ENTIRELY Christmas themed! Okay, yes, they have a lot of Christmas decorations up, but that is JUST THE START…”

What follows next is a screed about the decor filled with hilarious captions calling out the house for being decked out in too many festive things.

Her thread has been a lot of fun for Twitter users, who are chiming in with observations of their own. Some people admitted they had totally missed these details in the 1990 classic.

Revisit Home Alone by taking a tour through all the yuletide touches with the thread in its entirety below.

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