The Best Gifts Under $50 To Give This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season upon us, many people are no doubt searching for the perfect gifts for everyone on their list. For those searching for the perfect gifts under $50 — perhaps as a stocking stuffer or for the office gift-swapping party — these are some of our favorite gadgets, subscriptions and other goodies under the $50 mark this year.

Quip Toothbrush

Quip toothbrush

A toothbrush isn’t typically an exciting gift — but when it doubles as a piece of bathroom décor, all bets are off. Available in a range of stylish metallic and neon colors, Quip’s sleek battery-powered brushes, which pace out a dentist-approved two minutes of cleaning, are just as good for bathroom selfies as they are for oral hygiene. Bonus points for the convenient subscription service, which ships out new brush heads (and toothpaste, if you so choose) every three months. (From $25, not including brush refills, — Jamie Ducharme

Nat Geo “My Town” Custom Map Puzzle

Nat Geo My Town puzzle

Just enter an address and the National Geographic Store can turn the map of that spot — either a U.S. Geological Survey version or an aerial photographic view — into a jigsaw puzzle. (Canadian addresses and pricier “keepsake” options are available too.) These puzzles check all the boxes for a personalized and thoughtful present, and can be surprisingly tricky for 400 pieces. (About $45, NatGeo) — Lily Rothman

Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa

Big Mouth Billy Bass

Alexa-enabled smart gadgets are all the rage, from Amazon’s own Echo speakers all the way up to Internet-connected refrigerators. But none of them are quite as much fun as this Big Mouth Billy Bass, an iconic artifact of the early 2000s delightfully reimagined for the smart home era. Ask it a question, and the fish’s mouth will move in sync with whatever Alexa’s response might be. Everyone on my shopping list is getting one of these, whether they like it or not. ($40, Amazon) — Alex Fitzpatrick

Scott’s Cheap Flights membership

Commercial airplane in flight
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Know someone who wants $300 flights to Paris, or $200 getaways to Aruba? Of course you do. Budget international airfare service Scott’s Cheap Flights publicizes steals like these for free on its website — but it saves its best deals for premium subscribers, who enjoy members-only booking opportunities as well as perks like early alerts on new fares and exclusive bargains on domestic flights to Hawaii and Alaska. ($39/year, — Jamie Ducharme

Brainwavz S0 in-Ear Earbuds

Brainwavz earbuds

Everyone needs earbuds, or at least a spare pair when their wireless headphones are dead. The Brainwavz S0 earbuds are inexpensive and deliver incredible sound quality for the comparatively low price. ($30, Amazon) — Patrick Lucas Austin

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

Supergoop sunscreen

Trust us: Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen is light years away from the greasy, chalky, smelly formulas you grew up dreading on family trips to the beach. The lightweight, scentless gel goes on clear, sinks in almost immediately (no more embarrassing white spots) and doubles as an excellent makeup primer — all while offering SPF-40 protection, even when swimming or sweating. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list, not to mention their dermatologist. ($32, — Jamie Ducharme

PlugBug Duo

Plug Bug Duo

The new MacBook may not have the older USB ports needed to charge many devices, but the TwelveSouth PlugBug Duo can help alleviate the headache. It adds an extra pair of USB-A ports to a MacBook’s charger, so users can keep their accessories charged without fretting over dongles. ($40, Amazon) — Patrick Lucas Austin

Maywa Denki Otamatone Synthesizer

Maywa Denki Otamatone Synthesizer

What’s better than buying someone piano lessons for Christmas? Gifting an instrument they’ve probably never seen before. Shaped like an eighth note with a cartoonish face, the Otamatone creates kazoo-like noises when you slide your fingers along its stem and open its mouth. ($30, Amazon) — Patrick Lucas Austin

Three Months of Birchbox


Birchbox is a monthly subscription service for the cosmetics lover. Each subscriber completes a profile, then receives a personalized monthly box of five products. If you buy a three-month Birchbox subscription for your friend, mom, girlfriend or cousin, you’re paying $30 for 15 deluxe samples of products like perfume, mascara, bronzer or moisturizer. ($30, Birchbox) — Rachel Greenspan

Awesome coasters

Awesome Coasters

Maybe you’re not very close with someone, but need to buy them a gift. Or you are close with them, but you’re strapped for cash and they just moved into a new place. A coaster set is the perfect holiday gift — especially for millennials who forgot they need to buy these. To make the gift more special, try to find a themed set that’s relevant to the recipient. ($13, Amazon) — Rachel Greenspan

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