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This Christmas Ad Is Going Viral for Reminding Everyone That ‘Love Is a Gift’

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Normally, the Christmas advertising season is dominated by big budget ads designed by companies to tug at the heart strings and hopefully open the purse strings while they’re at it. But now we have the love is a gift short film.

It’s something that British department store John Lewis has mastered (this year’s ad starring Elton John is no exception) but they’re not the only Christmas advertising experts and this holiday season they have a little competition from videographer Phil Beastall. He made a short film in 2014, called “Love Is A Gift”, and the love is a gift ad he shared on Facebook last week, inspired by John Lewis.

“It’s a short film about a man counting down the days to Christmas so he can continue his yearly tradition sparked by a tragic moment from the past,” Beastall said in the love is a gift video description Facebook description. “I hope you enjoy it.” The very short film is a two-and-a-half minute tearjerker that covers love loss and everything in between. “I wanted people to watch it and although initially they might feel sad, I wanted them to reflect on it and perhaps turn to a loved one and give them a cuddle or say ‘I love you’ and reflect on life itself and appreciate just how lucky we are to be here,” Beastall told Sky News. All that for a production cost of a mere £50 ($64), per Sky News. The film is resonating – 9.3 million people have viewed it so far.

Watch the love is a gift short film below.

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