Jimmy Kimmel Had Fifth Graders Put On a ‘Trumpsgiving’ Play

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On Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host unveiled a contemporary take on Thanksgiving’s origin story — The First Trumpsgiving.

“Over the last 400 or so years, the story of Thanksgiving hasn’t changed much,” Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on his late night talk show. “We learn it in school and it’s fine, but this year we wanted to spice it up.”

Kimmel invited a group of talented fifth graders to put on a pageant that reveals the updated Thanksgiving story. The children took viewers back in time to the first meeting between the Native Americans and the pilgrims, who arrived in the New World aboard a private yacht naturally named “The Mayflower.”

“We’re gonna put the golf course right here, and the hotel right here,” said a boy dressed like President Trump with a wig and a red tie, proudly declaring that his new plans were “going to be huge!”

When the Native Americans arrived to greet the newcomers, the ersatz Trump shouted, “Oh no, it’s the caravan of immigrants from South America!” The children, decked out in construction-paper costumes, quickly corrected him, explaining, “We’re Native Americans.” That didn’t sit well with the faux Trump, though, who shot back, “Well we’re American Americans and we were here first.”

Then they set out to build a wall out of cornbread, sending their sons to shoot a turkey, but they nabbed an elephant instead. Luckily there was a Thanksgiving miracle to ensure that it really was “the greatest Thanksgiving in the history of Thanksgiving.”

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