Rejoice. The New Apple Emojis Are Here at Last

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Redheads, rejoice: representation for your type is now available on iPhones everywhere. In a new software update available Tuesday, that iOS 12.1 release date the company teased, the Apple emoji library includes more than 70 fresh characters to help us avoid having to use words in our textual communications.

Apple previously said this update would “better represent global users,” with items like moon cake, a red gift envelope and an evil-eye amulet getting their own icons. Hair is a big push: redheads finally have options for their appearances, and icons for gray hair, curly hair and bald heads are also in the mix. Sports lovers are also in luck, as softball, frisbee and lacrosse at last get symbols on the keyboard. And those who love the outdoors can express their desire to go for a hike and find their way with the addition of a hiking boot and compass.

The animal kingdom has always been a rife playground in the emoji universe, and it’s one that keeps expanding: llamas, mosquitoes, swans, raccoons, kangaroos, lobsters, parrots and peacocks are now all represented. It’s a true menagerie at the tip of your fingers.

On the foodie side, we get cupcakes, leafy greens, mango and salt icons for menu uses. Then there’s the bagel emoji, which generated an outcry when its initial plain, cream-cheese-less appearance popped up in Apple’s announcement earlier in October. New Yorkers, it’s OK to relax: they’ve fixed it. The cream cheese is there. Happy texting.

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