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Man on Plane Tries to Open Exit Door in Ill-Advised Attempt to Find the Bathroom

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What may have been an honest mistake lead to pandemonium in the air on a recent flight in India.

A passenger on what he said was his first plane ride ever mistook the rear exit of the plane for the door to the toilet, giving his fellow passengers a fright as he tried to open the rear door while the plane was in flight, The Independent reports.

The man, a banker in his late twenties, was noticed tugging at the exit door on the GoAir flight from Delhi to Patna. When questioned by the other passengers on the plane, he “told them he needed to use the washroom urgently and kept tugging at the exit door,” according to a police spokesperson speaking to The Independent.

Luckily, the door could not be opened due to the difference in air pressure in and out of the plane. But his effort was enough to spark “pandemonium” on the flight, according to police.

Cabin crew were forced to wrestle the man away from the door and he was restrained. It’s unclear whether his mix-up was explained to him—or whether he was able to use the restroom—but The Independent reports he remained in his seat for the remainder of the flight before being handed over to airport security upon arrival.

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