By Megan McCluskey
September 10, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. may be eager to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C., but he apparently has no problem swimming in one in Louisiana. The eldest son of President Donald Trump took to Instagram on Sunday to share some photos of himself neck-deep in a murky—and apparently “gator-infested”—bayou in the city of Broussard.

“This is what happens when someone bets me a good sum that there’s no way that the guy from New York City would swim in a gator infested swamp/bayou down in Louisiana,” he captioned the shots. “Easy money!!!”

Of course, some of Trump Jr.’s critics couldn’t resist cracking a joke about the incident. “Risking your life for no good reason in gator-infested waters to own the libs,” quipped one Twitter user.

“When you forget to drain the swamp and end up swimming in it instead,” added another.

See some more reactions below.

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