John Krasinski and Stephen Colbert Wrestle Each Other to the Floor in All-Out Brawl for Laughs

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John Krasinski may be the star of Amazon’s political thriller series Jack Ryan, but his new role apparently did nothing to convince Stephen Colbert that he’s now an action guy.

During Krasinski’s Tuesday appearance on The Late Show, the newly-bearded Colbert challenged his guest to prove that he isn’t just a funny guy. “You’re charming. You’re funny. You’re a comedy guy,” the host said. “And comedy guys like you and me aren’t meant to do ‘action.'”

Krasinski was eventually goaded into doing 10 push-ups in front of the audience. But Colbert still wouldn’t let up.

“John, you just proved my point. A real action guy wouldn’t do push-ups just because I told him to. A real action guy would punch me in the face,” Colbert taunted. “You know who would’ve decked me right now? Harrison Ford…The real Jack Ryan.”

It was then that things escalated into an all-out brawl.

Watch the full clip below.

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