August 30, 2018 1:03 PM EDT

All’s fair in love and basketball — even basketball played at a daycare center. At least, that seems to be the belief of a guy who shared a video of him playing a bunch of toddlers at daycare and absolutely owning the young competitors in shot after shot.

The now-viral star, who identifies himself as Ronnell Lee on Instagram, somehow cobbled together a supercut of security footage of him playing about a dozen different kids in their carpeted play space. Every time, he manages to dunk on the tiny contenders — and block all of their attempts.

“DONT LEAVE YOUR KIDS AROUND ME!!!!!” he captioned the video that he shared last weekend, to which he added music to complete the viewing experience; it’s since gone viral, with over 50,000 views. “No negative comments,” he added.

It’s unclear if Lee works at the daycare or how else he had access to the play space and security video, but it all seems in good fun — as long as the kids recover from the injuries to their egos, that is. (There are also more than a few tumbles as they try to keep up with Lee’s tenacious moves and slide across the carpet, although they seem to get back to their feet without too much trouble.) Most of Lee’s other Instagram photos show what appears to be an impressive Nike sneaker collection, so perhaps the daycare activities were at least a way to give the shoes a workout without getting them dirty on a real court.

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