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DJI’s New Mavic 2 Drones Have Major Camera Upgrades

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Dronemaker DJI announced Thursday two new models aimed squarely at the prosumer-to-professional crowd: The Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom.

Both of DJI’s new Mavic 2 drones are built around the same basic design. The key difference is in the camera payload: The Mavic 2 Pro packs a 20-megapixel camera with 1-inch CMOS sensor from Hasselblad, the high-end camera maker in which DJI invested in 2015. The Mavic 2 Zoom, meanwhile, offers a 24-48mm lens that lets photographers and videographers reach farther-away subjects or add telephoto compression effects to their work.

The lens on the Mavic 2 Zoom also allows for the drone’s new “Dolly Zoom” effect, which works by zooming in on a subject while simultaneously flying away from it. The Mavic 2 lineup has a few other new built-in effects as well, including a timelapse-style “Hyperlapse” effect.

DJI DollyZoom

The Mavic 2, DJI says, has a maximum speed of up to 44 miles per hour and a maximum flight time of 31 minutes. That latter figure likely assumes you’re not zipping about at full throttle the whole time, of course.

The Mavic 2 Pro will be $1,449 for the drone, battery, remote controller, charger, and four pairs of propellers. The Mavic 2 Zoom is a bit cheaper, at $1,249. A “Fly More” kit will set you back another $319.

Choosing between the two Mavic 2 models will come down to the slight difference in price and the different camera options. Those who want to shoot farther-away subjects or are interested in a telephoto compression effect might be inclined to go with the Mavic 2 Zoom, while quality-obsessed photographers and videographers will likely be tempted by the Mavic 2 Pro’s Hasselblad, a brand that’s rightfully revered among the photography crowd.

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