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Homeless Bay Area Web Developer Goes Viral for Handing Out Resumes at an Intersection

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A homeless web developer handing out resumes at an intersection in the Bay Area has gone viral this weekend after a woman posted a photo of him on Twitter.

David Casarez, 26, held a sign saying, “Homeless, hungry 4 success, take a resume,” at an intersection on Friday. After a woman saw him, she took a picture of him and another of his resume, and asked people on Twitter to try and help him out in a tweet.

Casarez told NBC Bay Area that he had moved to the region last September wanting to launch a startup. The Texas A&M University graduate has worked since 2014, becoming a web developer in 2016, according to his resume.

But the cost of living near Silicon Valley and the difficulty of landing a job quickly drove Casarez to live in his van. He then lost the van because he couldn’t pay for it, and is now living in a park.

“All I wanted was for one person to notice, take my resume and give me an opportunity,” Casarez said. “This is my make or break moment. I have to do something crazy.”

Casarez said he has been approached by several companies in the Bay Area and other places since the woman’s post blew up on Twitter.

“I’m not trying to take any money, I really do just want a job opportunity. That’s all I’m asking,” he said.

Casarez’s story has been received by some as an inspiring tale — he has been commended for his hustle and drive in giving people his resume rather than asking for money.

But his situation also lays bare the flaws of Silicon Valley and how developers and other workers eager to join the tech industry suffer. California is currently undergoing a housing crisis, particularly in the Bay Area, where workers are required to earn four or more times the minimum wage just to afford an apartment. Even for experienced college graduates like Casarez, landing a job and making enough to live in Silicon Valley has become increasingly challenging.

Casarez thanked the woman for posting his story and people for their support on Twitter.

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