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State TV Shows President Trump Saluting North Korean Officer During Summit

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As news outlets around the world broadcast live footage from the summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, TVs in Kim’s North Korea were blank.

Now, North Koreans are getting their first glimpse of the meeting between their leader and Trump in Singapore Tuesday.

According CNN and BBC Monitoring, North Korean state TV has aired news of the summit across the country on Thursday.

The footage includes a clip of Trump fumbling a handshake and then saluting a man who appears to be a North Korean military officer.

In the video, Trump shakes hands with other North Korean officials before getting to the officer. He reaches out to shake the officer’s hand, but the officer moves it away, as he salutes. Trump then does a salute as the officer extends his hand. Finally, the men shook hands.

According to CNN, state broadcasters spent much of the rest of the report praising Kim’s political skills and showing the throngs of people who turned out on the streets to see the North Korean leader as he toured the city.

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