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How Was Your Day at Work? Oh, Fine, Just Snuggled With Some Kittens

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Brace yourselves: Jackson and Eve, 3-month old kittens that are brother and sister, just stopped by the TIME headquarters in New York City. ASPCA reps held them, and staffers got to pet the gray-and-black-striped cats in front of blown up posters of past magazine covers. Eve grabbed this reporter’s notepad, for instance.

In honor of National Cat Day on Oct. 29, offices in New York, San Francisco, and Seattle were able to request kitten and cupcake deliveries in exchange for a $20 donation that will go to a local shelter, as part of a promotion organized by Uber, the taxi-hailing app, CHEEZburger, a website for memes, the Seattle Humane Society, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

While it may seem like every day on the Internet is National Cat Day, it’s not every day that people decide to adopt a cat after watching a cat video.

“You see photos of cats on the Internet, but you don’t necessarily think to adopt them,” CHEEZburger CEO Ben Huh said as he held Jackson, who was having trouble keeping his eyes open. “But they’re not just entertainers.”

Or as Alison Jimenez, ASPCA communication director put it, “If you have a real cat, then you can make your own viral videos!”

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