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Man’s Chocolate Dreams Fulfilled After a Disappointing Piece of Candy

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A man’s life recently took a downward turn when he tore into a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup to find that sadly, shockingly, there was zero peanut butter inside.

And so he shared his harrowing candy experience on Reddit, where sympathetic commenters rocketed his post up to viral status, because people care.

“A crime against humanity,” one user wrote. Indeed.

Reese’s got wind of this injustice, and they wanted to make it right, so they sent him a generous supply of free Reese’s.

He received dark chocolate cups, regular cups, big cups, white chocolate cups and the king size Nutrageous bars. Despite concerns that this was all a stunt, alexbchillin insists it was not and showed a video of it as well.

The candy company enclosed a note in the package, too.

“Sometimes we like to remind people that you need both chocolate and peanut butter, together to have the perfect candy. This was one of those times. And you were the unlucky person. Now that we made our pointe, here’s enough chocolate and peanut butter to make everything cool between us.”

“Yes Reese’s, we’re cool,” he replied in a Facebook post.

Sans peanut butter no longer. Sometimes bad luck pays off.

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