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6-Year-Old Colorblind Boy Sees Colors He ‘Didn’t Know Existed’ With Special Glasses

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A young boy’s world just got much more colorful after getting special glasses that will help him with his colorblindness.

“It has been amazing,” 6-year-old Cameron Fink said on Good Morning America. “There’s been so much colors, and there’s even some that I didn’t know existed.”

Cameron’s mother Erin Fink told GMA she first noticed his colorblindness when he was 3 years old and excelling in preschool aside from learning his colors. She also noted that colorblindness runs in her family.

“When I gave him the glasses, I didn’t know if they were going to work or not, and as soon as he saw the color red for the first time it, was amazing,” Erin Fink said on the show.

Cameron uses EnChroma glasses, which can correct a red-green color deficiency. They also showed a video of Cameron when he first put on the glasses on Good Morning America. Thanks to those new glasses, Cameron said he has a new favorite color: red.

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